Church of st. Matthew

The deanery church of st. Matthew.

The church at the town square is one of the dominant monuments of Bechyně. The church base is dated back to the 13th century and it was rebuilt several times; the most significant rebuilding took place in the 17th century when the tower built to the north wall of the church was made higher. Later the gable above the choir was rebuilt in a baroque style and the tower acquired the characteristic sheet metal casque. The interior of the church is designed in the same way as in the monastery in the shape of a double nave arched by rib-less vaults on three middle columns. The presbytery is five-sided arched by a rib vault with shaped ribs. A tin baptismal font from 1555 or the painting Worshipping of the Three Kings from the first quarter of the 17th century ascribed to the Dutch artist Cornelius de Vos attract the attention.  A cemetery was situated around the church during the medieval period and in the beginning of the modern times. The tower of the church is accessible for the public in the touristic season; the original room of the tower keeper is partly reconstructed. There is a beautiful view on the reconstructed square with marked archaeological situations, the town and the neighbourhood from the tower.

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